What is Skate to Fight?

A Safe Community For All

This site was started by people who suffer from mental illness, with the intention of helping any and all people who expereince similar challenges of depression, anxiety, addiction, victims of abuse and sexual assault, and to help those who experience these challenges of life through their passions.


The purpose of this site is simple. To let those who have mental illness to know that they are not alone. You are one of 450 million people on this Earth who struggle with mental and neurological disorders*. Don’t be ashamed. You are not crazy or psycho or anything like that. Everyone has their struggles and yours happens to be in your mind. But you can fight it! You don’t have to be defined by your depression. You can fight in so many ways. I do it with skateboarding. I am no doctor, but I believe that finding a constructive and healthy coping mechanism is vital when dealing with the pains of depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and so forth.

I should be clear. This site is by no means meant to replace the help of licensed professionals, medication or anything of that sort. It is just a place where people can come together and realize that they are not alone. That is what #skatetofight is all about. UNITY, and the power it brings.