As #SKATETOFIGHT continues to grow, so do our visions of what we can do to help others. To accomplish these visions, we take on projects related to skating, mental illness, sexual assault, and other topics to create awareness and help fight for those that can’t do it alone. The following are projects we’ve done in the past and we’ll keep it updated on projects we work on in the future.



Sexual assault is a growing problem around the world. Many people have been victims and most of us wouldn’t even know. It is a problem that needs to be solved. The #SKATETOFIGHT Against Sexual Assault campaign was to help combat the rising trend of sexual assaults. Many women (and men) suffer from this every day. In fact every 73 seconds, someone in America is sexually assaulted.

In this video, multiple people come out about their struggles as victims of sexual assault and how traumatizing it was and still is for them. It doesn’t just happen and then it’s done, but it leaves the victim with all sorts of questions that go unanswered, sometimes leading to dangerous coping mechanisms. These people in the video, and others around the world, use skateboarding to cope with their feelings and stresses of their individual experiences. This is how they #SKATETOFIGHT. 



Our second downhill clinic is being held this Saturday starting at 1:00 in Logan, Utah! Due to potential rain, the event may have to be rescheduled to May 13th, but so far it looks like we should be good! A few reminders, Helmets and Gloves are required. We will provide as many as we can but there’s a chance we won’t have enough. So if you own any, Please bring them. Second, listen to the instructors. Move for cars, don’t cut in front of skaters, etc. The event is also going to cost $10, which includes the ability to use demo boards, rent a helmet and gloves, and gets you a raffle ticket for our prizes. Drang and Gunslinger will be selling boards on site, and homemade gloves will be for sale for $5. Added raffle tickets will cost more, and bringing two friends with you will get you an extra amount of raffle tickets! I’ll be posting the location at the bottom of this post. So come out, invite friends, and learn to skate!


The Drang Durante

Something new has been cooking up here at #skatetofight. We are now working creating our new collaboration line. You may have already seen the Drang Durante, the first board of the series to be released. Designed by me (Beau) and built buy the boys at Drang, it’s an exciting new piece of art that can take you down hills real fast.I’ll discuss it more in a bit. A lot of the things about our new collaboration series go along with our goals at #skatetofight and help to further us and the companies who help. 

The goal that we have with this lineup is simple. Support Local. Support Positivity. Support PEOPLE. All of our boards are going to be designed with graphics by local artists, where possible the boards themselves will be designed by #skatetofight team members. Through this project we are hoping shed more light on what #skatetofight is about while helping local companies in the skateboarding industry. As of right now, we have one board released, and two more in the works with separate companies that will be announced soon. We hope that through this project, word can be spread, help given, and skateboarding can be had. With that, here’s the Drang Durante (edit coming soon).